Thursday, April 30, 2009

Eric Conrad mothafucka

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wanna do an interview

for GHP blog




hahaha im soo down


Soo whats your take on facial hair, yay or nay?


yay niiga

stach rides baby


hell ya

hows the shred in CO? where you guys going lately?


shred is awesome man, slushy snow and everything you kyle, and ricky would want in a park haha

and a bai baby

only place thats open


chill chill




more importantly, Big Mac or Whopper?


oooo man

well i once knew a kid that pissed in the pickels at the BK in woodbury...

and his name was billl

so im gonna go with the big mac heart attack


thats nasty dude.


yeah its real bad

i didnt like him anyays


it makes me wanna pee in pickels tho.




420 everyday or every other day?


lately, everyday after riding

its costing me a lotta money

i always get the munchies

super lame



money sucks


yeah man lame shit


So whats the deal with your film crew? I see you're getting some footy with a bunch of siick shredders.


i wouldnt call it a film crew

more so a bunch of friends that love to ride together.

but the kid that films is actually my good friend that goes to film school and used to ride for twelfth way back when

but you know i gots that GHP on the rome son

gotta rep that hometown shit


fuck ya dood, take a picture and send me that shit.


hahaha yeah man ill do that after i get my hair done


Everyone has to know dude

What the fuck are you gonna do with your hair?


its a secret


as we speak

im gettin dem cornrows


for real.


for real


are you gonna start wearing Nike boots and Technine shit?

rep the dirty ghetoo steeze?



naaaw man

i gotta stay up on that hesh steez!

im bringing on the rev

next time i see nima or sexton, im sure they'll have them



Speaking of Sexton

Jeffy told us about how you fanned out when you met him at a party.

care to explain to your fans at home?



of course

hang on though

im gonna go grab a beer


atta kid.


alright so hers the story

first things first

i totally made an ass outta myself


my cousion is dating pat camp, which im sure half ya all know this by now. and the first night im hangin with there two lovebirds we decide to go over to one of pats friends house

i walk in (its a friday night) still sober actually just woke up from a nap. and there Joe himeself sitting on the damn couch

and me being all stupid and shit starts talkin to all these guys and ask them if they have seen down with people




and of course they all say "yeah of course, the kid that editted that shit lives in that room

so yeah i fanned out in like the gayest way ever

but whatever

the kid turned out to be pretty fuckin cool and nice about everything


thats funny dude, you asked joe sexton if he

ever saw down with people.


yeah man

i dno why

dumbest question of my life


it happens dude.



yeah man


all right

moving on.

would you rather....

Be an Indian


a gypsy


im damn close to a gypsy

so ill be an indian then move on to a gypsy pver time

and ill have cornrows through all of this


thats cool.

whose cooler

Biggie Smalls or Keith Richards


ooo man


keith for sure


fuck ya

stones all day


of course

smalls is good

but stones is better



So tell everyone why your not coming back for damage revisted.



well the main reason is casue my ride isnt leaving till may 17th

well i guess thats the only reason



good enough dude


fly me in and ill do it


yea, i'll get right on that.

Allright man

im gonna wrap this up.

Any last shout outs?



holla to all you guys back in MN and get some money and make it out here next season and GHP son, ill send ya some footage if you want it haha


fuck ya dude.

and a picture, with your corn rows and GHP sticker.


of course ill do it real gangsta for ya



peace dood


later man

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Congrats to Tommy Pesticides for getting 3rd at Smudfly! Ready for daloot next season?!

By the way if you see this tom send me your email.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

The kiddy terminator

This week parents of Hanson Street were terrified after dropping their children off, when noticing a large man blankly staring out the window for hours at a local learning center. Apparently they were so concerned that several calls were made to the police reporting the man beneath the curtains, police arrival cleared the tension when learning it was a cardboard cut-out of the governor of California.
arnold schwarzenegger

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

How can you resist?

Come sit on Uncle Jessie's lap....

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Remember that story about shitting in a sock? I found it.

So there I was in this club desperately trying to pull and she walks in. A goddess! What the hell she saw in me I don't know!! Any way one thing led to the next and she was asking me back to her place. Problem was I really needed to take a dump but asking her to wait while I went to the bogs didn't seem the right thing to do at the time. So.... I sucked it up and we jumped in a taxi back to hers.

20 mins later, we're getting off with each other in her flat and I just can't hold it any more so I ask her if I can borrow her toilet for a second. She says fine but tells me that she wants to take a shower first so why don't I wait for her in the bedroom! You see my predicament! There I am with this sex kitten but I need a shite! Well, I couldn't stop her from taking a shower so trying not to shake too much I head into her room.

I turn down the lights to make it nice and moody and sit there on the bed imagining the joys that were sure to follow. By this time however, I really need to go so. I'm dying and am trying to think of what I can do!!! Then it hits me!! The greatest idea since HP sauce!! I take off a sock, pull down my jeans and kegs and proceed to do the business in the sock. Unbelievably, I don't spill a drop and by tying it up, I can use the top to wipe my arse too. After finishing up, the only problem I have to deal with is disposing with the dirty sock. I look around the room but am unable to find suitable places for the offending garment to be hidden. Then I spy the window.

Looking out I see that after a small back yard, there is a wall and beyond that a park. So I'm thinking to myself that if I make it over the wall I'm safe. No problem. I start swinging the sock around my head. Once! Twice! and then i let FLY! The sock sails over the wall and well into the park. I feel as if I've scored the winning goal in the World Cup!!

Feeling relieved and horny, I sit on the bed, take the rest of my gear off and wait for the angel to exit the shower. I hear her finish and she enters the room! She looks hot in the towel and as she lowers it to the ground and turns on the light, her face turns from one of lust to one of horror!!! and I see WHY!

Splattered on all 4 walls is shit which must have leaked out through the sock while I was spinning it round my head!

You know your cool when...

You listen to baby killing music and wear chains to school!

Driving a Bar Stool While Intoxicated

Driving a Bar Stool While Intoxicated

Tuesday March 31, 2009
 Kyle Wygle Police Photo The good news is that Kyle Wygle wasn't speeding -- just cruising home at a comfortable and sensible 38 MPH.

The bad news is that the 28-year-old Ohio was driving a motorized bar stool. And, as if you needed to wonder, police are accusing him of DUI, having downed allegedly 15 beers, before crashing the contraption.

Wygle's stool was powered from a deconstructed lawn mower engine. He has requested a jury trial.

Perhaps the biggest question is this: What was he drinking when he built that thing?