Monday, January 18, 2010

I shit my pants. I did, I shit my pants.

If you haven't seen videograss, your blowing it (Eric). Best video of the year. Here's LNP's part and its sick!


  1. Yeah well I just downloaded it and it was not impressive like a video should be. This video doesn't represent much but the dirty, haggard, "drunk on the hotel floor", shit pants antics, and not to mention ride on dead frozen deer after a shot poking it with a stick.

    Other reasons are that I like the aesthetically pleasing side of snowboarding such as "real slow motion" when you shoot a high frame rate instead of time remapping/ ramping speed to slow down every shot no matter what they do and no matter the ability of the trick. They use slow motion in the middle of a clip to stretch it out to make that shot longer because they are going so fast, not because the trick needs closer attention as it should be used. For example a spin or something with real technique and style.

    They just charge it in Videograss...anyone can do that, drunk.

    That's just my opinion about Videograss- I'd be happy to hear anyones.


  2. the video focuses on snowboarding and having fun. The only aspects of a video that should matter. If i wanted to see art, i'd go to an art show. I watch snowboard videos to see pros shred hard, keep your dolly shots, your cheesy graphics, your helicopters and everything like that. I wanna see snowboarders do what they want, not what sponsors and directors want.

  3. well alright that's peace then...