Thursday, January 21, 2010

Urban Mission 1

Kelly Karis (newest member and only skier in the GHP Crew) put together this siiick edit of a recent Duluth trip check it out.

GHP Rail Mission Round 1 from PEACE_media on Vimeo.


  1. The HD quality is sick! Nice editing style, I cant wait for round 2!

  2. fantastic, fantasic- I want to see more of the GHP with this crew, the fade out's of almost every shot are different, and the crooked frame on many shots including the best trick on the kink was less than perfect. Hey who's perfect anyway, whats really dope is yall came together and made this and it's a finished product for people to see all over the world. In Portland, Iraq, Japan, Alaska, Florida, and New Hampshire.

    Way to go Kelly for the motivation to edit, and the rest of the GHP crew, you guys make it fun to be on the internet, cause I can look forward to seeing the GHP crew move on up.